Other: Odd projects I have done

(That don't fit in anywhere else!)



Barcrest MPU3 Replacement Ram module


Maygay M1 series Token-to-Cash board


Electrocoin's Baby Bar X board


As one was not available I traced out from the original schematics and designed a 4 layer videoboard for a fluke 9100 troubleshooter using parts that are still available.

Through hole IC's were used as I found using SMD chips it was impossible to route in 4 layers!


This next item was a display that would not function because the eprom had gone faulty! Of course no dump for the code exists so this was challenging,

how do you extract eprom data from a blown chip!


Very carefully identify the broken internal wire!

Then decap the chip! place a link wire on the chip die just long enough for the internal content to then be read out!





burn data into a new EPROM and.......





Now I also have a hobby of old video games! But the game Galaxians does not remember any high scores!

I designed and made a high score save kit that just goes in place of the main processor and has onboard game rom so that pesky troublesome plug in ROM board can be removed


This is the coincell replacement boards to replace those green and blue Varta batteries!

These are drop in replacements and use a nice leak free CR2023 coincell!

They also block the battery charging so the coincell will NEVER be exposed to potentially nasty misuse.


To replace the batteries altogether, I also made some batteryless ram modules, these replace the existing 6116 or 6264 ram and the battery is omitted from the board completely and the ram retains it's data