My Raspberry Pi Cam

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This 2nd raspberry Pi  is working fine but the camera has failed!

 this happened with the power outages over Christmas and I am now waiting for a replacement camera.

Not only will it show a live camera, it will also give a series of frame grabs if there is motion across the camera!

it captured this picture below



The mouse was NOT harmed and released back into the wild (a good distance away) and was no worse for it's temporary capture



This bit below here is so I can remember how I did it! you don't need to read this bit

I have now got motion (webcam) working with Debian Wheezy latest build (2012-07-15) on a Pi
(after a bit of head scratching!!)

takes only 13% of CPU usage

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install motion

then edited motion's configuration file

sudo nano /etc/motion/motion.conf

change these lines to "off" in that file: (it's quite a way down in the file, default is on)

control_localhost off
webcam_localhost off

permissions on the motions config file need to be changed or motion cannot read them! type

sudo chmod 777 /etc/motion/motion.conf

Start up motion program, type

motion -n

then look at on  PC

http://<raspi ip>:8080    for config settings


http://<raspi ip>:8081    for the webstream